December Feature News

December 24, 2014
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It's been a busy past couple of months, packed with performance enhancements and new features. So busy in fact, that we haven't had a chance to share our latest news! In this post we will introduce you to two major new enhancements and a long list of upgrades that will make your Meeco experience more enjoyable.

New Insight charts

When we launched Meeco we heard from you that you wanted more visualisations and for the page load to be a lot faster (admittedly, it was a bit slow to load). Taking your feedback onboard we have overhauled our charts so that they load faster, are more accurate, animate more smoothly and come with a lovely new lick of fresh paint.

Plus, we've added three new charts to provide even more insight into your activity.

  • Most Popular Sites
  • Site Usage by Category
  • Days on which I use Meeco  

Take a look inside your account to see the lovely new charts.

Updated Meeco Plugins

The Meeco plugins are complementary plugins for using My Sites on your desktop browser. Not only does it automatically launch your websites into private (incognito) browser windows, it now offers you greater insights and ease of use. Here’s what you can do with the latest version of the plugin:

  • Launches websites into private windows
  • Add new site tiles on the go
  • Captures activity from manually entered URLs
  • Provides more accurate data to feed My Insights

This video will guide you through the latest Meeco Plugin features.

For the complete run-down of the new plugin features, you can review the detail in our new Firefox Plugin Guide¹ and Chrome Plugin Guide² pages. Or if you already have them installed, you can upgrade directly by following these links to the Firefox³ and Chrome⁴ marketplaces.

New and Improved

There's a lot of activity that's gone on under the hood of Meeco, designed especially to make your data capture more accurate and your experience more amazing. Here are some of our favourite enhancements:

  • New global menu. Getting between boards is now faster with the global menu bar in the top right of your screen.
  • Customise your site tiles. You can now edit, re-assign and add multiple categories to your site tiles, intentions and brand tiles, meaning your insight charts are even more accurate and customisable.
  • New category icon defaults. If your custom site tiles do not have an associated icon, simply assign a category and your tiles will now inherit the default category icon, making it easier to find your site tiles.
  • Faster searches and optimised for speed. Searching for tiles and brands is now faster within the Meeco for iOS and Meeco for Web applications.
  • Over 500+ new brands, life tiles and site tiles. We continue to add new brands, new category types, category icons and site tiles to enable you to have a more personal connection with the information in your Meeco account.

Next season on Meeco...

We have some very big and very ambitious plans to announce in the first part of next year, dare we say, game changing? :)


¹ This web page is no longer available. To view an archived copy click here.

² This web page is no longer available. To view an archived copy click here.

³ This web page is no longer available. To view an archived copy click here.

⁴ This web page is no longer available.

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