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The enterprise infrastructure for trusted identity and personal data ecosystems

Meeco unlocks the power of permissioned personal data. We give organisations the Web3 tools to empower their customers to access, control and create mutual value from their identity and personal data.

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Pioneering personal data services since 2012

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Build compliant, future-proof solutions with Meeco in areas such as RegTech, IdentityTech, LifeTech and FinTech.

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Access Meeco's developer tools, including our Sandbox client, to help you build privacy-centric and regulation compliant software.

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Powered by Meeco products give you the power to access, control and exchange your data on your terms.

The Meeco Platform

The Meeco Platform provides organisations with new digital tools to empower their customers with decentralised identity as well as access, control and exchange of personal data. Our platform is Privacy and Security by Design that enables data minimisation and data protection (explicit consent) along with audit and compliance.

Secure Value Exchange

Secure Value Exchange (SVX)

A credential brokerage service that allows credentials to be issued, requested, verified and revoked. SVX allows all parties in a trusted ecosystem to easily come together to exchange and verify information.

  • Enables creation and verification of credentials including identity
  • Verifiers can set-up and request specific credentials from individuals
  • Enables micropayments (stable coin, fiat, crypto) between wallets and merchants
  • Decentralised on Hedera Hashgraph

Multipurpose Wallet

Multipurpose wallet supports decentralised identity, verifiable credentials, micropayments and tokens.

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Easy integration with existing standards such as OpenID Connect and W3C
  • Enable ecosystem connections between identity providers and identity consumers; e.g. bank, telco, government and payments
  • Manage and exchange tokens
  • Decentralised on Hedera Hashgraph
Multipurpose Wallet


The Meeco Vault is a secure data store that allows access, control and exchange of all kinds of data including credentials, documents and media.

  • End-to-end encrypted
  • Network API enabling personal data capture, store and consent / permissions
  • Authentication via local accounts, OAuth Consumer or OAuth Provider
  • API interfaces integrated into enterprise systems with real time data feeds e.g. CRM, ERP, data warehousing


Meeco's Keystore is a tried and tested enterprise solution that allows users to take control over their encrypted data. It allows them to store and retrieve:

  • Key Encryption Key (KEK) – Key used to encrypt/decrypt Data Encryption Keys and Keypairs.
  • Data Encryption Key (DEK) – Key used to encrypt/decrypt user data.
  • Keypair – Public-key cryptography used in sharing scenarios.

Built for developers, by developers

We have created a suite of tools to help developers. Smart, seamless solutions for your data protection and regulatory compliance needs.

At Meeco, we are advocates of data privacy and flexible integration. All the requirements have been documented allowing you to smoothly integrate our infrastructure into your products.

Meeco powers real-world solutions

“Meeco provided us with huge value, not only in the the development of use cases and user journeys, demos and proof-of-concepts, but also through the assistance and support in clarifying and validating the Privacy Exchange message to both external and internal customers.”

David Geffen
Former Head of Privacy Exchange at Deutsche Telekom

“At Nexia Australia we welcome the digital age as it provides the tools to allow us to work closer with our clients. Why? Because we care about helping our clients improve their outcomes by facilitating continuous information and great advice. That’s why we rolled out Nexia Wealth Connect, a secure client controlled collaborative platform. All in a secure encrypted environment on a Nexia private cloud powered by Meeco Secure Value Exchange.”

Paul Lenton
Managing Director, Nexia Australia Sydney

“The distinction between customers and non-customers is becoming increasingly blurred. Consumers are looking for the fastest and easiest way to meet a particular need and they only want to see information and services that are relevant and tailored to the way they organise their lives. They expect to have access to a much wider and more attractive package of services, which they want to be able to activate quickly and easily from a single central app, without fuss or having to download 10 different apps. KBC will focus on this heavily in the years ahead. We’re going to develop KBC Mobile into an open platform that is readily accessible to every consumer and adds genuine financial value.”

Karin Van Hoecke
General Manager for Digital Transformation at KBC Bank & Insurance

International recognition

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OWI – Top 100 Influencers in Identity
2018, 2019
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“Meeco is building the next generation of tools for society to manage small data.”


“Meeco helps us to create a transparent and reliable identity;  The API of Me”

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