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Meeco helps organisations build compliant, future-proof solutions that give their customers the power to access, control and exchange data on their own terms.

DNP conducts Wallet Conformance Testing with Meeco

Meeco is working with DNP, a leading Japanese printing company to conduct wallet conformance testing to ensure interoperability and scalability of digital identity wallets.

This wallet conformance testing service allows digital identity wallet developers to test for compliance with interoperable industry standards, making it easier for them to enter the trusted digital identity network.

Our collaboration will deliver:

  • Cross-border interoperability based on international standards
  • Ecosystems that can grow and cover an extensive range of use cases
  • Networks built on Privacy-by-Design and Security-by-Design principles

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Two mobile screens of the My Life Capsule app

KBC implemented a Digital Safe Powered by Meeco

Meeco has worked with leading Belgian retail bank, KBC to deliver a Digital Vault accessible inside the KBC mobile banking app for its 3.5 million customers.

KBC was voted “Best digital Bank” in 2019, having created an ecosystem of value-added services for its customers.

Meeco delivered the Digital Safe using:

  • Secure data enclave (vault) architecture
  • API-of-Me Platform
  • Privacy by Design, Security by Design

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Two mobile screens of the KBC bank app

“The distinction between customers and non-customers is becoming increasingly blurred. Consumers are looking for the fastest and easiest way to meet a particular need and they only want to see information and services that are relevant and tailored to the way they organise their lives. They expect to have access to a much wider and more attractive package of services, which they want to be able to activate quickly and easily from a single central app, without fuss or having to download 10 different apps. KBC will focus on this heavily in the years ahead. We’re going to develop KBC Mobile into an open platform that is readily accessible to every consumer and adds genuine financial value.”

Karin Van Hoecke
General Manager for Digital Transformation at KBC Bank & Insurance


Trustury provides a powerful and simple open-source interface that will support the growth of the Guardian. It enables people to manage, visualise, and share trusted information associated with tokens and decentralised identifiers within the Hedera ecosystem.

In addition, Meeco will provide a simple and consistent mechanism for people to bring their keys and decentralised identity information to different Guardian instances and will also provide a dashboard to support ESG Auditors.

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Two mobile screens of the My Life Capsule app

"The new wallet capability and visualization tooling that Meeco is delivering on Hedera’s Guardian infrastructure is essential in enabling new types of financial markets to develop that use digital assets that assign true value to sustainability outcomes. Whether this is the high-fidelity tokenization of carbon credits and emissions tracing, or proofs of water rights, or even the encapsulation of data associated with biodiversity and habitat renewal, these new markets will drive sustainability economies in Australia and across the world."

Rob Allen
HBAR Foundation

My Life Capsule

My Life Capsule empowers family connection and organisation across multiple generations, relieving day-to-day and time critical administration. With human emotional engagement at the helm of their mission, My Life Capsule is providing an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to humanise customer relationships with scalable client engagement.

We’re proud to announce My Life Capsule has selected Meeco as their platform partner to ensure all services are Privacy and Security by Design, together with our industry leading encryption and key management.

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Two mobile screens of the My Life Capsule app

“My Life Capsule has secured an outstanding collaboration with Internationally Awarded Digital Security Specialists, Meeco. Founded by fellow entrepreneur Katryna Dow, Meeco has been trailblazing International digital privacy for a decade. Through our partnership, My Life Capsule is not only ahead of global privacy and data security rights; it is also being supported and championed by one of today’s most outstanding advanced digital technology businesses.”

Pam Moorhouse
CEO & Founder at My Life Capsule

VELA Solutions has selected Meeco to power their workforce digital credentials platform.

VELA and Meeco are united by our vision to get trusted workforce data into the hands of people so they can use their verified work data to get work, utilise their skills and experience, and progress their careers.

To support these workforce challenges, we have developed a secure platform using W3C Verifiable Credentials standard to ensure portability and interoperability, making it faster and easier to recruit, onboard and maintain employee and contractor professional credentials.

The VELA solution can be applied across a range of sectors such as health,  mining, education, aviation and government.

A mobile screen of the VELA app

“The changing landscape around data privacy is putting the individual in charge of their data – this will fundamentally change the way companies need to operate.”

Michael Derwin
Director, VELA Solutions

Nexia Australia implemented Meeco Adviser Platform

Meeco Adviser Platform is designed for Financial and Wealth Management organisations.

The application delivers capabilities, APIs and proactive services for clients who rely on the organisation's advice.

Nexia Australia have deployed a white labelled version for their Australia and New Zealand clients to:

  • Support client portfolio management
  • Enable secure & private client communications
  • Secure 3rd party sharing
  • Manage Estate Planning
  • Service Management, e.g. setting up Trust
A screen of the Nexia Australia app

“At Nexia Australia we welcome the digital age as it provides the tools to allow us to work closer with our clients. Why? Because we care about helping our clients improve their outcomes by facilitating continuous information and great advice. That’s why we rolled out Nexia Wealth Connect, a secure client controlled collaborative platform. All in a secure encrypted environment on a Nexia private cloud powered by Meeco.”

Paul Lenton
Managing Director, Nexia Australia Sydney

mIKs-it: the safe multimedia app for children

A protected space for kids to experience play and joy through photos, videos & audio.

mIKs-it enables kids and their trusted grown-ups to safely connect to daily life, always with complete privacy.

  • no ads
  • no tracking
  • no manipulation
  • no unauthorised access to your media
  • no contacts without your approval
  • no content without your consent
  • no data mining

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Two mobile screens of the miks-it app

“Our relationship with Meeco started as a developer and very quickly became a partner, whose combined expertise in security and enthusiasm made mIKs-it a valuable and meaningful product.”

Erik Van Acker
Managing Director, Heder VZW

Meeco Adviser Platform

The best solution for managing your Clients’ Personal and Business affairs, all in one place.

  • Centralised Personal and Business financials
  • Integrated Wealth Management for Advisers
  • Advise clients using real time data
  • Drive revenue and growth
  • Intelligent customer engagement
  • Stay ahead of the competition

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A screen of the Meeco Adviser Platform dashboard

“Life at your fingertips with the support of your accountant or adviser through an integrated digital platform that allows you to see and understand your real-time financial status. Meeco Adviser Platform is a secure platform and smart vault that allows individuals and business to store important information and authorise access to their trusted advisors. Meeco Adviser Platform is designed to enable you to have your financial affairs in order so that you can make timely and informed decisions.”

“Meeco is building the next generation of tools for society to manage small data.”


“Meeco helps us to create a transparent and reliable identity;  The API of Me”


“Meeco are leading the charge to empower people to make the most of personal data”

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