Environmental, social and corporate governance

Meeco is building a personal data marketplace of equals. We give people and organisations the tools to control, access and create mutual value from data.

Our mission to pay it forward

Purpose: How can we experience meaningful success?

Through creating shared value for consumers, government and business. In turn this benefits society and creates a level playing field for collaboration and shared success.

New business models will emerge, innovation will flourish to meet the new demands of the MeEconomy and the social evolution of policy and legal frameworks may change to benefit humanity.


People: How can we contribute to the community of mankind?

Our goal is to help world-citizens reclaim their right to data sovereignty and to regain control of what is theirs. We believe that the erosion of our fundamental right to privacy is one of the important civil rights issues of our time.

Planet: How can our actions have a positive impact to the environment?

The decentralisation of personal data can minimise the environmental impact caused by the duplication of data across privatised data silos. Our hope is that will reduce costs, minimise data pollution and decrease the world’s carbon footprint.


Profit: How do we create abundance for all?

By enabling people to become the beneficiaries of their personal data by restoring what is rightfully theirs. Redressing the balance of financial power to create a sustainable and profitable world for us all. The current distribution of wealth does not match the input and contribution of the citizens that create the value.

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