We’re a committed team that aspires to enable everyone to get equity and value for the personal data they share.

Trailblazing since 2012 and now growing our global development teams in Australia, Belgium and the UK.

Our philosophy is that data should not be harvested for the power and profit of a few corporations. Instead, we are committed to finding a new equilibrium, where people and organisations enter a win-win relationship with respect to their data rights and ownership. We create mutual value as we discover more meaningful ways to personalise digital services.

What is it like working at Meeco?

We are problem solvers

We are intrigued and drawn to new and original challenges and work to solve them and deliver the best solutions.

Our work is charting new territories, so the ability to resolve, design, build, test iterate and learn is an essential part of our culture.

Multipurpose Wallet
Secure Value Exchange

We are impact makers

We are leaders making global change.

We are committed to striking a balance where people and organisations share mutual value and build a new, more meaningful ways to personalise digital services.

We are a diverse team

We operate across multiple time zones, from London through central Europe to Australia. We come from diverse backgrounds, speaking several languages with each of us bringing our own uniqueness that advances our success.

Over 50% of the team are fluent in two or more languages. Others spend a lot of time on Duolingo.

Multipurpose Wallet
Secure Value Exchange

We design for everyone

Data touches every part of our life; health, education, employment, travel, government, finance and leisure. In order to understand the diversity of use cases and solutions, we want our team to reflect the world we live in. Meeco’s aim is to reflect this through our commitment to gender and culture representation.

The technical bits

Our Secure Value Exchange (SVX) comprises of three products available via a single API: Vault (secure storage), Credentials, and Wallet (digital identity wallet).

These products are modular and can be implemented as a single solution (Wallet) or together with secure storage (Vault) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs). These products enable developers to build a range of applications for users and organisations to access, control and exchange identity, personal data, credentials and tokens.

The Meeco tech stack consists mainly of Elixir and Node services on the backend, with Angular/ NgRx/ Ionic/ Capacitor and Flutter apps on the frontend. We are big fans of Distributed Ledger Technologies, namely Hedera Hashgraph.

Multipurpose Wallet
Secure Value Exchange

Security and how we code

We are pragmatic and want to see positive change in the data world now – not years away. For these reasons, we always seek to understand the user’s perspective and their “job to be done”, how to layer in privacy and security and then design a mutually beneficial solution.

Meeco is Privacy and Security By Design. Security is at the heart of everything we do. We have clear security policies and procedures to ensure everyone understands their responsibilities, so that together we maintain a secure development environment. We run regular security training and are committed to continuous improvement.

Read our manifesto to learn more about our thinking and the vision that drives us.


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Employee Share Options

We want everyone to have ownership over their work, that’s why we offer our Employee Share Option Plan (MESOP) to full-time employees.

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Flexible work arrangements

We have 3 office locations and also offer flexible work-from-home and remote working options. You are free to work where you work best.

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Personal growth

We invest in the growth of every Meep by way of courses, conferences, among other resources. We support paid study leave and encourage joining Standards working groups and R&D programs.

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Celebrate the wins

We regularly acknowledge and celebrate the wins within the team. Connection, recognition and transparency are embedded in our culture.

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Traveling and relocations

We provide opportunities to travel between our international offices and/or to relocate.

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Supportive culture

We foster a culture of community and belonging where you can bring your true self to work every day.

“We are a team of equals who learn from, mentor and encourage each other. It’s okay to make mistakes and learn. What matters most is being open and working to find solutions together.”

Current opportunities

We are always on the look out for talented people. If you’d like to be part of our team, please get in touch!
Our recruitment agencies policy
If you are someone who represents a hiring agency, we must decline your enquiries, as we will only consider direct applications. We don’t accept unsolicited resumes.

Applicants for roles must be citizens, hold permanent residency or hold unrestricted rights to work in the country of the advertised role. We are not able to offer permanent residency sponsorships at this time.