As data practises and infrastructure evolve everyday, we keep an eye on the various trends and offer insights on the impact to people, organisations and society.


Case Study

Unlocking the power of digital identity and verifiable credentials

Awareness of the power of verifiable credentials is growing as the requirement for improved data privacy and security increases.

Our pilot program explored the value proposition and technical feasibility of using verifiable credentials as part of an onboarding process for a workforce with specialised skills that needed to be checked.
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European Strategy for Data

Commentary on the topic of personal data management and analysis EU’s prospective data strategy.

Meeco’s review points out some of the most important elements of the EU’s position on various data issues, as well as the key elements of its strategy. All direct excerpts from the original documents are clearly referenced and demonstrated through relevant case studies.
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Zero Knowledge Proofs of the Modern Digital Life for access, control, delegation and consent of identity and personal data

This whitepaper details Meeco’s approach to enable a commercial, legal and technological bridge between highly regulated, trusted economic actors (government, financial services and telecommunications) and a personal data ecosystem that includes people participating directly in the value chain via the “API-of-Me”.

This paper was written in early 2018. Back then, the Meeco team was already looking ahead to the exciting decentralised future by exploring the existing distributed ledger technologies available at the time. They have evolved since then and Meeco has continued to be blockchain agnostic as well as leveraging Hedera Hashgraph on its tech stack.
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