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Meeco is a global leader in the collection, protection & permission management of personal data and decentralised identity.

Our award-winning patented API platform & tools enable developers to build applications for people and organisations to securely exchange personal data.

Meeco's suite of API-of-Me services enable data management and data compliance

  • Network API enabling personal data capture, store and consent/permissions
  • Data store - Zero Value Knowledge
  • RESTful Web services (PULL)
  • Event Listeners and Webhooks (PUSH)
  • Task Runner asynchronous/scalable processing
  • API interfaces integrated into enterprise systems with real time data feeds e.g. CRM, ERP, data warehousing
  • Authentication via local accounts, OAuth Consumer or OAuth Provider
  • Flexible UI component library

Meeco's Developer Portal facilitates rapid development of use cases and solutions

  • Sandbox for testing/exploring purposes
  • Enables developers to explore the capabilities of the API suite
  • Designed to enable scaled implementation
  • Supported by SDK
  • Pre-approved registration is possible through https://dev.meeco.me

SDK and accelerator tools provide for rapid initiation

  • Open source components
  • Allowing developers to integrate fast and easy
  • Only 15 minutes to create a vault-to-vault interaction
  • Currently available:
    • Cryppo: Encryption Library
    • CLI: Command Line Interface for our API
  • Available on github: https://github.com/Meeco/
  • Coming up in Q3:
    • Boiler plate code
    • UX component library

Meeco Developer Portal also provides developers with a comprehensive support documentation library

  • Guides and information about the suite of APIs are publicly available
  • Contains documentation on:
    • Meeco toolkits
    • Getting started guide
    • Terminology and concepts
    • API description
  • Link to Developer Portal documentation: https://docs.meeco.me/
  • Link to API documentation:

Start building data happy tools with the API-of-Me today

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