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If you're looking to give people access, control and the ability to exchange their identity and personal data then check out our award-winning API platform.

Our award-winning, patented API platform and tools enable developers to build applications for people and organisations to securely access, control and exchange their personal data and identity.

Travel preferences, insurance and finance, identity, health and fitness, smart home

Enable data management and compliance

  • Network API enabling personal data capture, store and consent/permissions
  • Data store – Zero Value Knowledge
  • RESTful Web services (PULL)
  • Event Listeners and Webhooks (PUSH)
  • Task Runner asynchronous/scalable processing
  • API interfaces integrated into enterprise systems with real time data feeds e.g. CRM, ERP, data warehousing
  • Flexible UI component library
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Activity log

Facilitates rapid development of use cases and solutions

  • Sandbox for testing and exploring purposes
  • Enables developers to explore the capabilities of our API suite
  • Designed to enable scaled implementation
  • Supported by SDK
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Open source components

Provide tools for you to integrate swiftly and easily

  • Open source components
  • Only 15 minutes to create a vault-to-vault interaction
  • Currently available on Github:
    • Cryppo: Encryption Library
    • CLI: Command Line Interface for our API
  • Coming up in Q3:
    • Boiler plate code
    • UX component library
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Four stacked documents

Comprehensive support documentation library

  • Guides and information about the suite of APIs are publicly available
  • Contains documentation on:
    • Meeco toolkits
    • Getting started guide
    • Terminology and concepts
    • API description
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