Meeco in the Press

Avoiding shipwrecks and the Identity Challenges Ahead
Source: IDnext Event 2021 [Video], 9 Nov 2021

How a sci-fi thriller inspired this future fintech founder to protect personal data
Source: Mastercard, 14 Sept 2021

eftpos brings competition to the digital economy through highly secure online payments
Source: The Islander, 4 Aug 2021

Data minimisation: value, trust and obligation with Meeco’s Katryna Dow
Source: Ubisecure [Podcast], 4 Aug 2021

Everything Will Be Tokenized: The Future of Identity
Source: FSClub Z/Yen Group Webinar [Video], 17 May 2021

3 Lessons from Founders Mike Scott and Katryna Dow
Source: Nona Digital, 13 Mar 2021

Striking the right balance on using data
Source: Australian Financial Review, 30 Nov 2020

When you invent the ship, you invent the shipwreck’

Source: INNOPAY [Video], 18 Jan 2021

"Companies that invest in data security and data access can build better customer relationships" (Dutch)
Source: Bloovi, 24 Nov 2020

Monsters & Myths Webinar: The one with the plane crash featuring Katryna Dow
Source: Andrew Vorster [Video], 14 Nov 2020

" This international company from Ghent has found the sacred data graal: "Stop collecting and selling personal data, let the consumer share and control it himself" (Dutch)
Source: Bloovi, 5 Mar 2020

"In China, the state is in charge of your data, in the US the tech giants, Europe starts from the basic rights of citizens. On that basis you can build a new digital economy" (Dutch)
Source: Bloovi, 13 Nov 2019

#GDPR+1 – The European Data Privacy Congress, Luxembourg
Source:, 22 May 2019

Self-Sovereign & Self-Managed ID key to Data Privacy
Source: Computer Weekly, 16 May 2019

There’s a shift underway to the “Me-Economy”
Source: The Motley Fool – [Podcast], 10 Mar 2019

Use GDPR to future-proof business models
Source: Computer Weekly, 20 Nov 2017

OWI announces 2019 list of Top 100 Influencers in Identity
Source – One World Identity, 14 Feb 2019

Risk vs. Opportunity: Data use and availability in Australia
Source: ZDNet, 5 Dec 2016

Understanding the Personal Data Economy (White Paper)
Source: Mobile Ecosystem Forum, Nov 2016

20 Aussie Startups to Keep an Eye on in 2016
Source: StartCon

Meeco is a life management platform that gives users total control of their data
Source: Startup Daily, Apr 2016

A “very unusual” seed round helps drive a Sydney startup’s plans for world domination
Source: StartupSmart, 4 Apr 2016

This start-up has opened a European office off the back of its A$3.2 million seed round
Source: Anthill, 12 Apr 2016

Seed funding in hand, Australian startup Meeco rides Europe’s rising tide of privacy concern
Source: CSO

Start-up Meeco in global push
Source: The Australian, 31 Mar 2016

Personal data — your digital life in their hands
Source: Financial Times, 7 Nov 2015

Do Privacy Concerns Really Change With The Internet Of Things?
Source: Forbes, 2 Jul 2015

It’s A Small Data World After All
Source: Forbes, 14 Mar 2015

So sieht es aus, wenn man seine Nutzerdaten selbst zu Geld macht (German)
Source: Online Marketing Rockstars Daily, 23 Sep 2014

Data Start-ups Promise Businesses Better Data by Giving Power to the People
Source: IT Business Edge, 16 Sep 2014

Exclusive Interview: Meeco’s Katryna Dow on Personal Data as a Form of Currency
Source:, 2 Sep 2014

How to sell your private data – if you really want to
Source: Marketplace Radio [Podcast], 27 Aug 2014

Se vende privacidad al mejor postor (Spanish)
Source: El Observador, 1 Sep 2014

How to Take Control of Your Personal Data
Source: Time, 1 Aug 2014

Take Control of Your Personal Data
Source: Techlicious, 31 Jul 2014

Aussie startup aims to wrestle back its users’ personal data
Source: StartupSmart, 14 Jul 2014

Will the Respect Network enable us to take back control of our data and our lives?
Source: Ross Dawson (Blog), 8 Jul 2014

Respect Network puts users in control of their personal data – and in the money
Source: Fairfax: SMH / The Age, 3 Jul 2014

The rise of the personal cloud
Are decentralised, private cloud services the future of information storing and sharing?
Source: CIO Magazine

How to take control of Personal Data
Source: Ozy, 21 Jun 2014

Selling your own data
Source: USA today, 30 Jun 2014

Global private cloud claims to restore Internet privacy
Users pay US$25 for a lifetime membership to the cloud service
Source: CIO Magazine

UK Immersion Day Review
Source: Security Architect Blog, 26 Jun 2014

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