The Meeco Manifesto

Up until now the power to capture, analyse and benefit from personal data has resided with business, government and social networks. What if you and I had the same power?

Imagine the power if that capability could be transferred to you, to help you capture a life view of your habits, spending, preferences and your journey through life.

If we fast forward to the not too distant future, smart technology and by default data will be captured by everything we touch; cars, refrigerators, homes, running shoes, mobile devices, transports systems and of-course our online habits.

Our vision is to create a place for everyone on the planet to get equity and value in exchange for what they share.

To make this possible we want to create a sovereign place where people will realise the accumulation of every day data as a growing and valuable asset, for themselves and for their children.

This vision is born from a desire for disruptive anarchy; we want to change the status quo in order to create new forms of equity. We do not accept the premise that individuals’ information can or should be traded without their involvement or reward.

Meeco was conceived by looking backwards from the future. Over the past decades we have been entertained by visions of what the future might hold through iconic films such as Blade Runner and the Minority Report. The shared themes are of a world where tailored, relevant content and advertising is seamlessly delivered to individuals using biometrics and location – demonstrating the holy grail of marketing… the ‘segment of one’. In order for this to be realised a number of key factors would first need to be possible.

  1. A digitally and socially connected world – people and things.
  2. Powerful analytics – the quantified everything.
  3. Storage capability and real time access – personal clouds.
  4. Ubiquitous computing – mobile, wearable and networked devices.
  5. The Me Economy – who we are, our preferences, our wants, needs and our interactions.

Organisations like Google, Facebook and Twitter have enabled the realisation of 1 and 2. We agree to the terms and conditions in exchange for giving up our privacy and control.

The emergence of data farms together with cloud capability have dramatically reduced the cost of processing and storing data, and achieve the requirement of 3. Personal Clouds now make it possible to own, store and share everything we hold precious.

Apple and Samsung have carved new markets for mobile devices and helped people move seamlessly between their PC, music device, phone, tablet and TV. Thanks to the cloud, content can be access across all devices simultaneously, taking care of 4.

And now the challenge – who we really are, what we really want… our real segment of one. Despite the power of analytics and the data collected by Facebook, credit providers, governments and insurers there still remains significant gaps in forming an accurate picture of us; our true likes and loves, dislikes and preferences.

Our vision is to create the environment for 5 to be realised, a sovereign place where people can harness the capability of a connected, analytical, accessible mobile world. A personally controlled marketplace where people can say “look, this is really me – I am more than my last Amazon purchase”.

In order to achieve our vision we understand the importance of building a place where people feel safe and confident that their data is theirs, that they own it. We appreciate that we are emotionally driven by a few uniting core values:

  • A desire to be part of something, to be safe, secure and taken care of
  • A desire for adventure, discovery and access to new ideas
  • A desire for sovereignty which gives us power and control.

That is why Meeco is about a social disruption. It is time for the Me-Economy, for the business model to be customer to business instead of the other way around. We want to foster autonomy and equity, so that people can calculate their share of value, instead of organisations calculating their share of wallet.