Het datalandschap in Europa is volop in beweging. Blijf actueel met de opkomende veranderingen en lees Meeco’s review over de gepubliceerde Europese datastrategie door de Europese commissie

Meeco geeft mensen en organisaties de tools om toegang, beheer en wederzijdse waarde creatie te bouwen op basis van persoonlijke data

Op een veilige private manier waarbij steeds expliciete toestemming nodig is

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Onze Partners
Meeco for Organisations

Voor Ondernemingen

Gebruik Meeco’s Privacy by Design tools om:

  • Klanten beheer en toegang tot hun persoonlijke gegevens te geven
  • Conform te zijn met alle geldende wet- en regelgeving
  • Wederzijds vertrouwen en onderlinge loyauteit te versterken
Meeco for Everyone

Voor Iedereen

Gebruik Meeco om je gegevens veilig te beheren en te delen onder jouw condities:

  • Bewaar veilig jouw persoonlijke gegevens met toegangsmogelijkheden naar al je toestellen
  • Verbind met gebruikers en organisaties die je vertrouwt
  • Automatische push updates van je wijzigingen naar al je vertrouwde contacten
Meeco for Developers

Voor ontwikkelaars

De Launch van onze Developer Portal is gepland in Q1 2020, gebruik de Meeco APIs om gemakkelijk de volgende toepassingen te bouwen:

  • Privacy by Design data store/wallet/vault
  • Consent Engine voor permissie gebaseerde toegang op basis van duurtijd en datum
  • Een Key Encryption Store die Zero Value Knowledge ondersteund
Blockchain & Distributed Ledger

Voor Blockchain & Distributed Ledger

Brengt een op bestaande standaarden gebaseerde oplossing voor:

  • Gedecentraliseerde en Self Sovereign Identity SSID
  • Verified Credentials/Claims
  • DID generatie en resolutie
Meeco Integration Partners

Data Integratie Partners

Meeco’s productaanbod integreert met een top reeks van industry leading partners als:

  • Xero – boekhoud data
  • Class Super – pensioen data
  • Core Logic (RP Data) — kadastrale data
  • Yodlee — bank en financiële data
  • XPLAN — financiële and vastgoed planning
  • TopDocs — legale data
  • Suitebox — compliance data
  • Citrix RightSignature — consent data

KBC launches Digital Safe for Plus Account holders powered by Meeco.

KBC’s unique Privacy by Design Digital Safe enables customers to store all their important personal data and documents. All data is encrypted and of course, only customers have access and all data sharing is on their terms.

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“At Nexia Australia we welcome the digital age as it provides the tools to allow us to work closer with our clients. Why? Because we care about helping our clients improve their outcomes by facilitating continuous information and great advice. That’s why we rolled out Nexia Wealth Connect, a secure client controlled collaborative platform. All in a secure encrypted environment on a Nexia private cloud powered by Meeco Secure Value Exchange.”

Paul Lenton
Managing Director, Nexia Australia Sydney

My Life Capsule selects Meeco as platform partner.

My Life Capsule empowers family connection and organisation across multiple generations, relieving day-to-day and time critical administration. With human emotional engagement at the helm of their mission, My Life Capsule is providing an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to humanise customer customer relationships with scalable client engagement.
We’re proud to announce My Life Capsule has selected Meeco as their platform partner to ensure all services are Privacy and Security by Design, together with our industry leading encryption and key management.

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Digital Vault powered by Meeco nu beschikbaar in KBC Mobile

“The distinction between customers and non-customers is becoming increasingly blurred. Consumers are looking for the fastest and easiest way to meet a particular need and they only want to see information and services that are relevant and tailored to the way they organise their lives. They expect to have access to a much wider and more attractive package of services, which they want to be able to activate quickly and easily from a single central app, without fuss or having to download 10 different apps. KBC will focus on this heavily in the years ahead. We’re going to develop KBC Mobile into an open platform that is readily accessible to every consumer and adds genuine financial value.”

Karin Van Hoecke
General Manager for Digital Transformation at KBC Bank & Insurance

“Meeco provided us with huge value, not only in the the development of use cases and user journeys, demos and proof-of-concepts, but also through the assistance and support in clarifying and validating the Privacy Exchange message to both external and internal customers.”

David Geffen
Former Head of Privacy Exchange at Deutsche Telekom

Pioneering award winning personal data and privacy technology since 2012

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AMP Amplify People's Choice Award

“Meeco is building the next generation of tools for society to manage small data.”


“Meeco helps us to create a transparent and reliable identity;  The API of Me”


“Meeco are leading the charge to empower people to make the most of personal data”

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