Digital Sustainability: A cool, not creepy data driven future

April 4, 2022
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A sustainable digital future

The debate about whether life imitates art - or whether the reverse is true - has been a live topic since the late 1800’s when Oscar Wilde shared his view that "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life" in his essay The Decay of Lying: An Observation. Whether you agree with Wilde or not, what seems increasingly certain is that the contribution from the 2020’s will have served to blur the line between the two conclusively. In a world of digital twins, 3D virtual reality and online work & play we need to make some conscious decisions about data privacy to ensure that we don’t imitate the dystopian future artistically imagined in Minority Report.

Meeco Founder and CEO Katryna Dow explores some of the themes that are core to ensuring that we consciously create a sustainable digital future in two separate interviews with Innovate Finance and Innopay.

In conversation with Innovate Finance

The Innovate Finance podcast is supported by Austrade and Meeco is proud to be part of this year’s Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS) which is sponsored by Austrade. IFGS 2022 takes place in London this week and forms part of UK Fintech Week. In this discussion Katryna explores the importance of transparency as a mechanism to ensure that we create a cool rather than creepy data driven future.  

What should business leaders be thinking about?

Building on the theme of transparency, in the article Digital Sustainability; What is it and Why Does it Matter Katryna describes today’s ‘phygital’ world in which almost everyone and everything has a ‘digital twin’ scattered over many different service providers, who all have ‘a part of you’. The challenge for service providers, and indeed what lies at the heart of ensuring digital sustainability, is to provide tools to ensure that customers are a conscious part of any data powered decision making. Not only does this lead to empowered customers, it also leads to superior outcomes.

Your sustainable data future

If the ideas in the podcast and article resonate with you, please get in touch. We'd love to help you build a customer-centric sustainable future.

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