EIC 2024: Identity into the Wild, Across Borders and Helping to Manage Digital Life

June 3, 2024
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The European Identity and Cloud conference (EIC2024) kicks off on Tuesday 4 June in Berlin, Germany. Meeco is delighted to be returning to what is always the best identity event on the calendar, represented this year by Katryna Dow, our founder & CEO, along with Jan Vereecken our Chief Product Officer.

Beyond the Enterprise

Now that the timeline for implementation of the European eIDAS 2 regulations have been confirmed, this, and identity wallets will be a key theme throughout the week, including Katryna’s keynote Into the Wild and Beyond the Enterprise. Around the globe countries and continents are taking practical steps towards digital identity infrastructure. Alongside these government initiatives standards bodies and working groups have been mapping a landscape for interoperability and scalability beyond borders.

The “Wallet” is emerging as a new citizen and customer channel replacing apps with more connected digital services. However, unlike payments, the international rules and technical specifications don’t yet exist to enable identity and data sharing beyond the enterprise or seamlessly across borders. This keynote will explore these questions through the lens of a cross-border use case connecting continents, services, and identity network providers, all united by overcoming the technical, legal, and commercial challenges to enable digital customers without borders.

Multi-Stakeholder Cross-Border Reusable/Decentralized Identity

Katryna’s keynote has been informed by insights based on real-world experiences working together with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP), MUFG Bank, Ltd (MUFG Bank), ConnectID and National Australia Bank (NAB) over the past six months. This important collaboration has resulted in an exciting press release¹ in addition to showcasing the journey and progress onstage at EIC in a session titled "Multi-Stakeholder Cross-Border Reusable/Decentralized Identity".

The continued growth in global trade and e-commerce, remote working and travel means that global interoperability is front of mind for public and private sector organisations looking to provide privacy and convenience to their citizens and customers. Post-Covid we have seen growth in interest and tourism between Australia and Japan, which presented the opportunity to explore real-world uses cases.

As a result, this session will examine the three major considerations for achieving this important cross-border interoperability with an in-depth presentation based on the findings and exploration of an international working group spear headed by DNP, the multinational pioneering a new identity network for Japan and beyond.

DNP, approaching 150 years since its inception, brings innovation through combining their unique technologies cultivated from the print industry together with the strengths of partners to forge new opportunities, reduce emissions, and create a more vibrant world for all.

The Cross-Border Working Group started with the partnership announcement between DNP and MUFG Bank, then widened its collaboration to include ConnectID in Australia, followed by NAB and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). Meeco is proud to have also been part of the group, supporting the efforts across technical interoperability. The Cross-Border Working Group agreed to explore two use cases including an Australian tourist taking part in a paid activity in Japan and a Japanese national applying for a financial product in Australia.

Each use case was explored through three critical areas:

1.  Governance – different digital ID schemes have specific rules determining who can participate in the network and the obligations on those participants. We explored the key points required to ensure global participants have confidence in the system.

2.  Technical interoperability – it was important that a credential issued by an organisation in one country could be verified by an organisation in another country. Therefore, a range of technical options were explored resulting in choices to ensure technical interoperability, including the design and operation of a conformance service.

3.  Commercial – compensation for service providers delivering the infrastructure is a key part of any commercialisation model. The options for commercial models and how international alignment could be achieved was identified and lays the foundation for extending the collaboration.

Results of the Cross-Border Working Group will be showcased via a panel of experts from each of the participating organisations. The session will be moderated by Katryna Dow, together with:

·    Rintaro Okamoto, Team Leader of Business Development for Digital Identity - DNP

·    Dima Postnikov,  Head of Identity Strategy and Architecture- ConnectID

·    Jan Vereeken, Chief Product Officer – Meeco

·    Olaf Grewe, Head of Product, Digital Identity & Access - NAB

·    Takuya Omura, Managing Director of the Business Development Office - MUFG Bank

From Products to [Life Management] Ecosystems in the Next Digital Epoch

The importance of the achievements of the Cross-Border Working Group is further evidence of where the next digital epoch is heading – from products to ecosystems. Specifically, to trusted providers of Life Management tools, that will enable people to citizens, customers, students, patients, employees, and passengers to participate in a more equitable and trust-based digital economy.

The AI Pivot" session at EIC 2024 will offer a deep dive into the transformative journey from traditional product- and vendor-centric (digital) business models to robust, networked and agents-based platform ecosystems in the AI-driven digital landscape. This transition marks a critical inflection point, heralding a new era where the confluence of technology, data, privacy, and network effects reshapes industry paradigms and redefines the way we interact with the world.

12 years ago, KuppingerCole launched a Research Note describing "Life Management Platforms" (LMPs) as user-centric tools to support every-day tasks such as storage for sensitive documents and information, personal finance, investment and insurance management with high privacy and security standards. LMPs by definition, were able to manage permissions and gave users control over their information sharing.

Since then, several such platforms were launched by different vendors and organizations covering parts or the whole set of features described in KuppingerCole´s research. Meeco has been and remains one of the first vendors of LMPs with a focus on financial applications and received a KuppingerCole award in 2015 for this innovation.

A lot has changed since the release of the KuppingerCole LMP paper: Decentralized Identity, Gen AI, Wallets, GDPR, eIDAS (2) and more technologies, standards, governance frameworks and legislation. It is time to rewrite this profound part of human-digital interaction research.

Today we describe the former LMP concept as multi-agent-based life management ecosystems that help us humans in all aspects of our daily life. They store our documents, buy our food online, navigate our vehicle, help us reduce our CO2 footprint, stay healthy, build wealth, be productive at work or in school, manage our calendars, propose holiday destinations, and make appointments.

This session will explore how agents will do things for us within such Life Management Ecosystems in a privacy-by-design, secure by default, decentralized, vendor agnostic way.... globally, across borders and beyond the enterprise.

This session brings together the authors of the original KuppingerCole Life Management paper; Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst and Joerg Resch, Co-founder of KuppingerCole. They will be joined by Katryna Dow, CEO & Founder of Meeco, Patrick Parker, Founder & CEO of EmpowerID and John Wunderlich, Chief Privacy Officer of JLINK Labs.

Identity into the Wild, Across Borders and Helping to Manage Digital Life

This year, EIC2024 will showcase significant progress from around the globe, with examples of identity moving beyond enterprise, across borders and helping to manage everyday digital life. At Meeco we’re proud to be contributing to these exciting and important steps towards a more trusted and equitable digital economy for all.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email if we can help to advance the development of your trusted ecosystem. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at EIC!


¹ You can find DNP's press release in English here.

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