How to solve media's personalisation dilemma?

January 25, 2021
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Our focus for 2021 at Meeco is to develop practical solutions for sectors with significant personal data challenges. One key sector is media, with a range of challenges including privacy, over-collection of data, transparency and personalisation.We're delighted to share that Meeco has been selected by MediaMotorEurope to join their accelerator and mentorship programme to help solve some of the big challenges in today's media world.

What is MediaMotorEurope ?

MediaMotorEurope is a 6 month accelerator programme for deep tech innovators designed to “build a strong European ecosystem fostering media and the creative industries.”

“MME aims to nurture high-potential European deeptech innovators, solving today’s most prominent media industry challenges and support them in building media solutions of tomorrow.”

Approached and selected alongside 20 other startups, Meeco kicked off MediaMotorEurope on 21 January, 2021. The accelerator will provide an opportunity to showcase and expand Meeco’s capabilities into this important sector.

What are the problems to solve?

Media industry 4.0 is all about the marriage of physical and digital technologies. Key to success will be using digital technologies and data to prioritise innovation and turn innovation into customer value. Yet, lack of personal data and the erosion of people’s trust in organisations managing their data will hinder innovation in media content personalisation.

Meeco’s international award-winning, patented API platform is a global leader in the collection, protection and permission management of personal data. Meeco gives people and organisations the tools to access, control and create mutual value from personal data. This is the foundation to earn the trust required for media Industry 4.0 use cases.As part of our MediaMotor collaboration, we’ll be pioneering two products:

1. Personal identity and payment wallet.

Meeco is at the forefront of developing and deploying decentralised identity and personal data wallets. We are on track to deploy a universal decentralised wallet that will both enable identity and micro-payments. This capability paves the way for the development of permission-based digital profiles, for advertising and product personalisation.Meeco platform has a proven track record as a market leader at the forefront of personal data and identity management. Based on extensive experience developing proof-of-concepts, along with data regulation and changes to media consent, Meeco is well positioned to bring this capability to address the issues raised in the EU Data Strategy, specifically calling for changes to how EU citizens data is accessed through social and media platforms.

2. KidTech

We believe there’s a better way for better and safer way for digital development in the KidTech space. We want to validate the need for digital tools that foster well-being, designed for accessibility and a more inclusive society.Children should have the freedom to participate in the digital world without tracking, ads, targeting, algorithmic manipulation and data mining. Some of the solutions we've developed focus on age verification, role-based access management, including parental controls, media and consent management.One example at the forefront of this innovation is mIKs-it, the safe multimedia app for kids the app we're co-developing with Heder VZW.

We're looking forward to working with media partners involved in MediaMotorEurope to integrate our products as part of new ways to build 'data trust' with audiences.

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