‘Identity Matters’: Meeco at IDNext ’21

September 29, 2021
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IDNext is back this year on 11 and 12 October, and even better, in person 🙌 in Utrecht, The Netherlands 🇳🇱

The main theme of this year is “Identity Matters” and the program includes practical demonstrations, presentations, panel discussions and “un-conference” sessions covering key challenges, visions and strategies for the identity questions of today.

Meeco’s CEO and Founder Katryna Dow will speak at the event on day two, giving a session on the challenges ahead in the identity space. Read more about Katryna's presentation in this short interview.

Avoiding shipwrecks and the identity challenges ahead 

With more and more digital adoption we are connecting our physical and digital worlds, the opportunity for convenience is increasing, yet the likelihood of privacy is decreasing. How do we balance these trade-offs? Will the companies that find this balance foster greater loyalty alongside the need for enterprises to adapt, the distributed world is becoming more and more mainstream?

Can we challenge ourselves to find the middle road, where we create great customer experiences that are also Privacy and Security by Design?

You can view the agenda here¹ and buy tickets via the link below:

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We look forward to seeing you in person!🙏


¹ As this event has now passed, the agenda is no longer available online. To view an archived copy click here.

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