Meeco expands UX and Design team along with a new office in Adelaide

March 22, 2021
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Meeco has been enabling organisations and people to collect, protect and exchange personal data since the Meeco manifesto came to life in 2012. Since then, Meeco has been steadily growing in size and recognition.

2020 was an interesting year! Despite worldwide shutdowns and uncertainty, Meeco doubled in size in the last year, adding to our development team in Melbourne. Meeco also secured new partnerships in Europe along with the Finnie 2020 award in “Excellence in Industry Collaborations & Partnerships” to prove it.

Now as we enter 2021, we're keeping the momentum and thrilled to announce the expansion of our UX, Design and Testing team in Adelaide, Australia.

The new meeps will significantly bolster Meeco's design chops, bringing more diversity to the team and addressing the need for more women working on digital identity and personal data solutions. This new team is  Meeco's Design/Digital hub, cementing Meeco's commitment to delivering beautiful design and digital work made in-house.

The first task of the Meeco Design Team will be breathing some new life into its website and digital communication. The new meeps are excited to bring in their understanding of data collection, user interactions and how they can bring them together to create thoughtful design solutions. They add to Meeco's belief that an holistic approach to designing processes is key to delivering unique and powerful memories for people.

Our new office

The team has taken residence in Stone&Chalk Adelaide, keeping up with the tradition in Melbourne and Sydney. Stone&Chalk is located on Adelaide's remarkable Lot Fourteen.

With a $150 million investment from the Federal Government, the Adelaide City Deal builds on Adelaide’s global reputation in innovation, culture and the
Aerial view of Lot Fourteen, Adelaide, SA
Image credit: Lot Fourteen

Meeco now has illustrious neighbours such as the Australian Space Agency, the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, the Aboriginal Art and Cultures Centre and coming soon, Amazon and MIT.

The Design Team will be led by Mars El-Bougrini, Meeco’s Chief of Design and veteran meep of 7 years.

“We’re very excited to be growing the Meeco design and testing team here in Adelaide. With the addition of the talented Yolanda, Ai and Himani, Meeco will continue to go from strength to strength.” Mars El-Bougrini, Meeco’s Chief of Design

Meeco continues to build strong partnerships worldwide, helping organisations and developers solve hard problems while respecting data rights through holistic data solutions.

Stay tuned for exciting new announcements we have in the works!

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