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June 26, 2021
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Meeco is looking for self-driven software engineers to contribute to the success of our product team developing our globally awarded personal data platform.  The Meeco platform is comprised of suite of products including a decentralised wallet, key management store, exchange for identity, credentials & tokens and secure data enclave (vault).

At Meeco we build the tools to enable people and organisation to access, protect and create mutual value from personal data. We are personal data pioneers offering a range solutions powered by Meeco and decentralised on Hedera Hashgraph.

We are passionate about building a new digital economy where data is not refined, as is done with oil, for power and profit, for the benefit of a few mega corporations. Rather, we are committed to finding a new equilibrium where people and organisations enter a relationship of mutual value and build a new, more meaningful way to personalise digital services. Read our manifesto to learn more about our thinking and the vision that drives us.

We have built a diverse team, and we welcome everyone. Our team is spread across Australia, Belgium and the UK. Collectively we come from diverse cultural backgrounds, speaking a range of languages, and each bring a unique personal data story that advances our mission.

About Us

The product team currently consists of 15 people, responsible for designing, implementing, supporting and documenting Meeco's secure decentralised and cloud solutions. Our products are modular and can be implemented as a single solution (decentralised wallet) or together with key backup and secure storage (vault). These products enable developers to build a range of applications for users and organisations to access, control and exchange identity, personal data, credentials and tokens.

Currently our technology stack consists mainly ofElixir and Node services on the backend, and Angular/NgRx/Ionic/Capacitor andFlutter apps on the frontend.

We take pride in building software that is easy to understand, clean, well-structured and properly tested. We have formed our own opinions on how to write good code, this is based on many decades of experience across the team. We are pragmatic and want to see positive change in the data world now – not years away. For these reasons we always seek to understand the user's perspective and their "job to be done", how to layer in privacy and security and then design a mutually beneficial solution.

  • We favour the explicit over the implicit
  • We treat frameworks as tools and not as an unquestionable authority
  • We do test driven development
  • We set quality standards for our code
  • We review each other’s code
  • When looking for solutions to problems, we brainstorm, we draw on virtual boards, we discuss
  • We documents our decisions, workflows, architecture as Confluence documents
  • We constantly work on improving our estimation skills.

If you would like to see an example of on the latest applications powered by Meeco, created for families, check out mIKs-it, the secure multimedia platform for kids.

About You

We are looking to appoint at least two people for the following roles:

Role 1 - Experienced frontend developer with a proven track record building hybrid mobile applications in TypeScript

Role 2 - Full-stack TypeScript developer

Here is what we are looking for to help us create awesome hybrid mobile applications:

  • You have built a few cross-platform hybrid mobile applications
  • The browser is a development environment where you feel at home and sometimes you have dreams about the DOM API
  • If you have used Angular, NgRx, Ionic and Capacitor, we are looking forward to hear from you, don’t delay!
  • If you’ve used another framework, please share with us why it is great

And here is how we see the role of the full-stack TypeScript developer:

  • You know and love TypeScript
  • You’ve built modern JS web applications
  • You’ve used Node as the backend
  • You use relational databases like Postgresql, Mysql with confidence
  • You’ve deployed applications using cloud providers like AWS, GCP or Azure

Besides the above points for both roles, there are certain points we welcome in any developer:

  • Someone that cares about clean code
  • Ready to learn about new domains such as decentralised identifiers and verifiable credentials
  • Like solving new problems and innovating
  • Having a practical understanding ofcryptography(is a big plus)
  • Can learn a new programming language or a technology and consider it a improvement of you skillset
  • Any experience building dApps, building on top of distributed ledger technologies, we would like to talk to you!
  • If you have used Hedera Hashgraph, are interested in tokens and payments, we should definitely talk!!!

We don’t expect you to know everything from the start and we have great mentors to show you the ropes. A good set of solid programming fundamentals is most important.

You might have a degree in CS, or you might not. This is not what we are about. We care about what you know now and how you are improving yourself every day.

We have offices in Adelaide, Brussels, London, Melbourne and Sydney. A lot of the time, you are free to work where you work best, but we expect you to spend a few days a week in the office together with the team. For these roles we would prefer for you to be based in Adelaide, Melbourne or Brussels.

We value people who can work independently and manage your time, are supportive to each other and not afraid to ask for help when needed. A lot of what we are working on has not been done before, so the ability to explore, test, iterate and learn is an essential part of our culture. So we would like to iterate that asking for help is highly regarded!


Meeco offers a range of employee benefits, including:

  • An Employee Share Option Plan (MESOP) which includes eligibility for engineering team.
  • Paid study leave
  • Investment in your development by way of courses, conferences, seminars and books
  • Support to join Standards working groups and R&D programs
  • Flexible work policy
  • Opportunity to travel (post COVID) between our international locations and/or relocate

What we have achieved

We are earlypioneers in the personal data economy and have been campaigning for digital rights, data portability and data control since 2012

Funding; our founder and CEO bootstrapped the company for the first two years before raising private equity. We have a strong runway and revenues, so the focus for us now is building awesome products.

Brand & Reputation: We launched our first product into the market in 2014 and have built a strong brand in the personal data community. Check out Meeco on Twitter or LinkedIn and you will see our consistent focus in helping build a global personal data economy. If you would like to know more about the exciting stuff we are working and have in store, check out this recent webinar.

Awards: We have won nine international awards in Australia, UK, Netherlands, Germany, USA for personal data management, identity, innovation and FinTech services.

Market: During COVID we launched our developer portal so our partners could keep working with us remotely and we kicked off 2021 with some really interesting projects across a range of use-cases.

Partners: In early 2020 we started working in partnership with Hedera Hashgraph to develop our multi purpose wallet to support decentralised identity, verified credentials, micropayments and tokens.

Meeco is Privacy and Security By Design. Security is at the heart of everything we do. We have clear security policies and procedures to ensure everyone understands their responsibilities, so that together we maintain a secure development environment. We run regular security training and are committed to continuous improvement.

How to apply

Unfortunately due to ongoing COVID restrictions we are not able to offer visa sponsorship at this time. Therefore,  Australian applicants must already be in Australia and have permanent residency. For Belgium, you must have the necessary rights to work in the EU.

By reading this you have reached the end, so if you feel you are the right person for the job, all you have to do is contact us at or hit the button below:

Apply now

Priority will be given to assessing your application if you include what you like about the role, why you may want to join, any questions along with your resume.

Depending on the response it might take us a few days to get back to you, the last time we advertised we were humbled by the amazing response. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to kick-off a process, which will help us assess next steps and get you into the selection process as quickly as possible.

We really hope to see you soon! 👋

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