Meeco Wins IDentity Innovation Award 2016

July 1, 2016
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On the 15th June 2016, during the Trust in Digital World Event in The Hague, Meeco won the IDentity Innovation award. Organised by IDnext, EEMA and TDL, all of whom focus on developments in digital identity. The event is also supported by the Municipality of The Hague (Gemeente Den Haag, GDH), DG CONNECT (European Commission) and ENISA.

The Trust in the Digital World Event is a unique opportunity, where three highly respected and successful, international, non-profit industry organisations combine their resources, knowledge and information to create an independent, two-day conference. The conference focusses on European public and private trust related to cyber-security, privacy, identity and cloud.

Given this, it’s no surprise that award entrants came from all over the globe. Eventually however, four finalists emerged – each being invited to The Hague by the event organisers.Representatives from all four companies, including our founder and CEO, Katryna Dow, were given three minutes to pitch their product or solution, with the prize being awarded for the best new identity concept or product.Criteria for the award was based on the following:

  • Innovative – How innovative is the submission, e.g., technological or business model
  • Success & impact – where the jury members will also consider expected future impact
  • Privacy – is there a positive impact on privacy, has privacy been sufficiently considered
  • End-user value – what is the value from the perspective of the end-user/citizen, also where applicable the perspective of other stakeholders will be taken into account.

An esteemed judging panel, consisting of Nick Smaling (Secretary IDnext), Roger Dean (Director Special Projects EEMA), Frank Mulder (Chief Privacy Officer ABN AMRO), Jon Jones (President Trulioo), Marijke Salters (eIdentity Expert), Amardeo Sarma (Manager Social Solutions Research Division NEC Laboratories) and Hubert Welleman (New Business Manager SIDN) had the final say, on what must have been an incredibly difficult decision to make.

Opinion of the jury: “What the jury finds interesting is that privacy is becoming important these days. Meeco stepped in their design and use privacy not only as a design principle but also as their unique selling point. This differentiated them from the other nominees”.
Picture of Katryna Dow, Founder and CEO of Meeco and Robert Garskamp, MD of IDnext. Award design by Zagara – sculpter at heart.

Meeco is proud to have been awarded the IDentity Innovation award, and participate at the Trust in the Digital World Event along with SkIDentity, Consentua and Asan İmza. The three other finalists for the IDentity Innovation award 2016, all of which have incredible capabilities that are core to the development of the ecosystem and enabling the Single Digital Market.

SkIDentity (Mobile eID-as-a-Service) integrates various technical innovations in order to bridge the gap between existing and emerging eID and cloud services, solving an important practical problem on the path towards a “Trusted Cloud Europe”.

Consentua is a new Consent Management Service from KnowNow Information. It is an innovative service that puts personal data in the users’ control. And has been created to ensure that citizen privacy is at the forefront, while recognizing that in a smart city, consensual information exchange will be of benefit.

Asan İmza ("Easy Signature" in Azeri) makes the lives of everyone in Azerbaijan easier and more secure. It offers citizens opportunities that didn't exist earlier, introducing them to the area of digital ID that leads to more innovation-driven society. Asan İmza was brought to life on the basis of user needs, giving users comfort and security.

A key message from IDnext, EEMA and TDL, something that resonated throughout the entire TDW event, is that “Good digital identity solutions are essential to trust”.

This is where Meeco differentiates by offering a range of simple productivity tools, where users are able to control the use of their digital identity, social and personal information. By doing this, Meeco enables the choice of whom and on what terms personal information is accessed. Whether it’s organising all of your disparate documents, privately browsing the web, sharing your identity with an organisation to access a service, chatting privately through an encrypted channel or sharing preferences, Meeco puts the citizen in control of these exchanges.


For organisations, Meeco is a new, GDPR compliant multi-sided marketplace to offer personalised solutions and channels to build trust. Organisations can incorporate Meeco to create value for customers by simplifying onboarding and personalising experiences. This balance of Me2B and B2Me, enabling new privacy enhanced business models to emerge, is core to Meeco’s unique position in the emerging personal data market.For more on Meeco, visit meeco.meImage Courtesy of Christopher A. Dominic under a C.C License, edited to B&W.

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