New Coalition Launches Campaign for Data Sovereignty Now

January 24, 2021
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Meeco is proud to announce our support for a coalition of leading Europe-based technology companies, research institutions and not-for-profit organisations, joining forces to enable a more equitable digital economy.

Together, in January 2021 we announced the launch of Data Sovereignty Now (DSN), a campaign that will press European policy makers at all levels to ensure that the control of data remains in the hands of the people and organisations that generate it.

The issue becomes ever more urgent as policies around Europe's digital economy and data architecture start to solidify.

Together we are urging policy makers to align these capabilities to the European Union Data Strategy.

As a group we will work together to provide use-cases, examples, tools, reports and educational content to support this initiative. One such example is the Data Sharing Journal video series from INNOPAY.

Recently, INNOPAY's Mariane ter Veen invited Meeco's founder, Katryna Dow, to record an episode of The Data Sharing Journal discussing data sovereignty and soft infrastructure. This is a practical example of content aimed at raising awareness and deepening understanding of the benefits of a more trusted and transparent digital economy.

Please visit the Data Sovereignty Now website, to learn more about our initiatives and members.

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