Podcast: Retaining Ownership of Your Personal Data

April 2, 2015
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Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with the lovely Denise Holt from Collaborative IQ.

Denise is the CMO & Co-Founder, GratZeez, Inc. & CEO & Founder, Collaborative IQ and the host of the Collaborative IQ Podcast. A serial Entrepreneur since age 23, she has co-founded and operated businesses ranging from local service companies, to a design showroom, global commercial imports, to digital media, mobile gaming & social business consulting.

As an industry thought leader in social business strategy & social intelligence solutions, Denise is a speaker, podcaster, author, business advisor and educator in the areas of brand development, growth, content marketing, customer experience, brand advocacy & employee engagement. Recently named one of 32 VIP Influencer "Futurists" by IBM Social Business & PureMatter, on their project, "Hacking the Future of Work."

Denise invited me to be a guest on her podcast Collaborative IQ, which is a regular social media, business and marketing program that she hosts out of San Francisco.

The topic was one of my favourites - 'Retaining Ownership of Your Personal Data':

Taking Ownership of Your Personal Data

(Also available on iTunes and Stitcher)

We talked about:

  • Your data is a form of valuable currency, you shouldn’t just give it away.
  • Your data as an enabler and form of empowerment.
  • How can you benefit from the insights your own data can reveal to you about yourself?
  • When you control your own data, brands will be forced into offering you a better CX (customer experience).
  • The emergence of personal terms and conditions of data exchange – set by YOU.
  • How do you get younger generations like Gen Z to care about their data?
  • How does this fit into the BYOD (bring your own device) scenario at the workplace?
  • And much, MUCH more…!

Links mentioned in the episode:

Thanks Denise! It was great to be connect whilst on opposite sides of the world and I am looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco.


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