Sharing Is Now On Your Terms

October 12, 2015
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Meeco has created something special. It’s a gift from us to you, a new way to control and share your personal information with the organisations and people you trust.

Introducing 'Permissions – The People’s Release'.

Every moment we are online we share our personal information. Every time we browse, download an app, shop online, make inquiries or sign up for things, we give a bit of ourselves away.

But why is it that when we engage with these services and give up our data, that the terms and conditions are one way and not mutual?  Why are these terms always non negotiable? Don't we also have rights over our personal information and how it is used?

At Meeco, we are very excited to be tipping this model on its head and shifting some of that power back to you. Can you imagine the future? We can. It’s a place where sharing is a mutual agreement, a contract between you and the rest of the world. These transactions aren’t one-sided, they are collaborative and creative. Well, we are delighted to announce that the future has just arrived. Sharing on your terms is now a reality!

In our latest update it's now possible for you to set your own Terms and Conditions to the information shared with your Meeco contacts. You can now also request information from your contacts, share directly from a Tile making it even easier, and share multiple Tiles with multiple Contacts at the same time.

All you need to do is set the parameters by which you want to share, such as:

  • The length of time you would like the information to be shared, or
  • The use-by-date for when your data will expire
  • Whether you permit the data to be shared with other parties or indicate that is not for sale
  • Custom terms which are a request between you and the recipient

Your Permissions can be edited or updated at any time. It’s super simple and easy to do. Watch our short video below to see how it works:

So now in Meeco, you have the power to decide on permissions, set duration and your rules of engagement! We hope this will give you some ease and peace of mind in knowing that your data can be shared on your terms.

Take care, take control, download Meeco to experience sharing on your terms.

Now YOUR T&Cs will apply.

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