Support Centre for Data Sharing interview with Meeco

June 23, 2021
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The Support Centre for Data Sharing (SCDS) initiative focuses on researching, documenting, and reporting about the data sharing practices, EU legal frameworks, access and distribution technology that are relevant to organisations, and that imply novel models, and legal or technological challenges.

"Whilst privacy is paramount, you can't have a digital economy if everyone is locking their entire digital footprint away”Katryna Dow, CEO & Founder Meeco

This is one of the many topics touched on the latest Support Centre for Data Sharing interview. Raymonde Weyzen and Esther Huyer interview Meecos' CEO & Founder Katryna Dow and Chief Commercial Officer Jason Smith.

Some of the challenges that come with data sharing are data privacy and data control. However the paradox of data sharing is that it generally means the recipient needs the data in order to fulfil an obligation, such as deliver a service, validate identity, deliver a package or customise an experience.

So the issues are often not about sharing, but about trust and transparency. Helping customers understand why the data is required and providing evidence that it is being used as intended is a great way to establish trust. Another way to boost trust is to focus on designing services that minimise the amount of data collected whilst maximising the value created.

When designing data sharing services, consider how to minimise collection whilst delivering maximum value. It might be as simple as only holding the data for the maximum time needed to complete the service and then sharing evidence that it has been deleted.

In this thought provoking interview Raymonde asks about Meeco's inception, its work so far and recent growth. Some of the the exciting projects discussed include mIKs-it, the safe multimedia app for children, developing a decentralised identity and verifiable credentials wallet and how innovators like VELA Solutions¹ are transforming workforce management and My Life Capsule are helping their customers be prepared for a family emergency. Other questions and topics covered include:

  • How the idea of Meeco was conceived
  • Why is there a need for data sharing?
  • What is the data sharing lifecycle at Meeco?
  • Examples of use cases at Meeco
  • What specific licensing or standards to share data are used at Meeco?
  • In order to share data properly going forward, do we need more or less regulation?
  • Where would you see Meeco and ultimately the digital world in 10 years from now?

And finally, the most difficult question we weren't prepared for "What would be the working title of a movie starring Meeco?" to find the answer to this and more click below to listen or watch the interview. 👇

Watch the interview²

Huge thanks to the Support Centre for Data Sharing team for all the great work they are doing to help people understand the value of data sharing 👏 We very much appreciated the opportunity to share Meeco's perspective. 🙏


¹ Vela Solutions can now be discovered via Vela Digital.

² This video is no longer available.

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