'The Internet of You' Wins People's Choice Award at Amplify Expo

July 3, 2015
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Joint exhibitors AMP and Meeco emerged as the people’s choice for the most innovative concept at Amplify Festival Expo.

The exhibit titled ‘The Internet of You’ invited Amplify Festival Expo visitors to rethink the dynamics of customer relationships. Visitors watched a live demonstration of what a relationship might look like if customers were empowered with greater control of their personal data.

90 Second Explainer: 'The Internet of You'

Scott Barnett – Head of Technology, SMSF and Customer Relationship Management headed up the AMP team, whilst Mike Page - COO lead the Meeco team.  Both teams worked together to create a proof of concept featuring a live exchange of data between Meeco and the AMP CRM system.

The exhibit also showcased personal data as the currency of the future; demonstrating ways for organisations to reduce significant costs whilst paving the way to a more tailored and personal customer experience. The focus was on creating shared value.


The winner was selected through a gamified voting system where attendees used the Amplify app to vote for their favourite exhibit by scanning a QR code from within each stand.  Attendees registered and played the Amplify Expo game during the festival. Competition across the 35 exhibitors was tight, with the people's choice determining 'The Internet of You' as the winner.

We would like to acknowledge the great work and commitment of the AMP team who worked on the proof of concept alongside the demands of their business-as-usual roles.  A huge Meeco thank you to:

  • Scott Barnett – Head of Technology, SMSF and Customer Relationship Management, AMP
  • Victor Lai – Business Systems Analyst (CRM) / IT Graduate, AMP
  • Katie Dale – Application Architect (CRM) AMP
  • John Le – Senior Developer (CRM) AMP
  • Robert Barczak – Operational Support Team Member (ES&I) AMP
  • Jayesh Mistry – Technical Lead (CRM) AMP

As well as everyone at the festival who voted for ‘The Internet of You’!

The prize is a trip to Hong Kong to attend the Rise Conference in July.

Header photo: Team Meeco – From left to right; Derek Munneke (CTO), Brian Grimmer (Joint Venture Partner), Mike Page (COO), Katryna Dow (Founder & CEO), Penelope Hogan (Content & Community Lead), Andrew Low (Project Manager), Graham Towse (Full Stack Developer).

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