A meeting of technology, creatives and the Metaverse

April 22, 2022
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Brussels is preparing to host its first Web3 event, BitBrussels. A full day of NFTs, DAOs and Metaverse, this exciting meeting of minds is designed to educate and inspire businesses and individuals about the potential that Web3 unlocks.  

The vision and idea behind BitBrussels

This event is the creation of Maarten Leyts, CEO & Founder of Trendwolves, a trend agency that focuses on youth culture. As part of their work, they observe how young people are actively engaged in the Metaverse, creating products and services for a new generation, from works of art to stunning virtual jewelry. Trendwolves took notice and organised the Crypto Art Expo in Antwerp, and the success of this initial event led the team to create BitBrussels.  

The general sentiment from Trendwolves’ experience with companies, brands and governments is that the interest and existing knowledge of all things Web3 can be summed up as “these things are interesting but not for us”. This barrier to adoption shows a lack of and/or unwillingness to understand these technologies because they are believed to be too niche, too catered towards computer science and a developer, technology crowd.

The general public tends to see these developments as simply technological, rather than seeing the bigger picture that what is unfolding is a an evolution of society. What we are witnessing is a fusion between the physical and digital, a phygital world, which is what Web3 is all about. It's the perfect time for education on the topic.

Opportunities unlocked

The metaverse has had a very mixed reception and the public is still grasping with the term. What is certain is that the advanced capabilities of 3D environments, VR and AR offer new opportunities for brands.

Screenwear and digital fashion are a great example of this. As people spend more time in front of their screens, there is a growing interest in digital jewelry. And of particular interest to some brands is the potential for digital jewelry to bridge the A/B testing gap and underpin product development. Brands can use Web3 to enable customers to try online and then buy in the physical world.  

During the pandemic, children started spending more time online in digital playgrounds like Minecraft and Roblox, with children under 13 making up 54% of the latter’s player base. This group purchased $1.2B worth of virtual currency in 2020 alone. Generation Alpha, exposed to this online world in their formative years will have an inherent understanding of digital currency and micropayments and will see them as normal, no longer exclusive to gamers.

Why attend BitBrussels?

The great lineup of speakers  will be talking about learning and development in the metaverse. The agenda encompasses several areas such as sustainability, customer experience, smart cities, gaming, art, food, fashion, legal, identity, and culture.

Meeco is proud to be a sponsor of BitBrussels. Our CEO and Founder Katryna Dow will be talking about the tokenization of everything and how money and sustainability are beginning to collide. She will talk about the development and launch of Trustury and why we need to build trust and traceability into the big problems the planet is facing.  

Trustury is an important initiative built on Hedera with support from the HBAR Foundation. Trustury will provide a powerful and simple open-source interface that will support the growth of ESG tracking. It enables people to manage, visualise, and share trusted information associated with tokens and decentralised identifiers within the Hedera ecosystem, starting with the Guardian platform.

Meeco is delighted to be presenting alongside fellow Hedera partners Sayl and Venly.

Join this event to learn more of the symbiosis of physical and digital worlds that the Metaverse enables.

Register here for the hybrid event on the 29th of April. More information on the Bitbrussels website.

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