Trust visualised; Built on Hedera by Meeco with support from the HBAR Foundation

March 25, 2022
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As announced by CoinDesk, Meeco is excited to be taking a very practical step that will contribute to the growth of the ESG sector by launching Trustury, with support from the HBAR Foundation. Over the last few months, and as part of our focus on the tokenisation of data and assets, we have been drawn to the significant potential of Hedera’s Guardian platform. With our focus squarely on ensuring a simple customer experience, we saw an opportunity to improve the visualisation of the token trust chain.

Our objective is to provide a powerful and simple open-source interface that will support the growth of the Guardian and other token networks by delivering:

  • An easy way for people to visualise and share trusted information associated with tokens within the Hedera ecosystem.
  • A simple and consistent mechanism for people to bring their keys and identity information to different Guardian instances.
  • A single one-stop dashboard to support ESG Auditors in their fiduciary role, assessing ESG token workflows issued on different Guardian instances.
  • Regulatory compliance with existing data laws (GDPR, CDR, CCPA) through data minimisation and selective disclosure of attributes and data by the token holder.
  • A way to enhance data privacy and support progressive disclosure by enabling Zero Knowledge Proof.

We are developing Trustury in partnership with a range of service providers in the ESG market including Envision, DOVU and TYMLEZ. And we welcome participation from other interested parties. 

You can find more information about Trustury here and please get in touch if you’d like to contribute.

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