Secure storage that offers end-to-end encrypted sharing.

Create value for customers and build compliant data spaces to power the personal data economy.

Data spaces are emerging as a core component of a data-driven future that balances the needs of organisations and individuals. And secure storage is a foundational component of these data spaces.

Increase Privacy

The Vault offers secure storage based on Zero Knowledge Value (ZKV) architecture for a wide range of data, from digital media to verifiable credentials, all under the control of the end user.

Achieve Compliance

Meeco is ISO 27001 accredited, MyData Operator awarded and can help you meet GDPR requirements, so you can start building your customer centric products and services with confidence. Deploy the Vault alongside our Wallet and Verifiable Credentials service or integrate it as a stand-alone product in your existing application with our API or SDK.

Simplify Integrations

We’ve made it easy for you to embed the Vault in applications such as mobile banking and eCommerce, or integrate in back-end services. This means that information provided by your customer - for example during onboarding, or as part of applying for a new product or service - can be saved to the Vault and used in other scenarios, reducing the number of times your customers have to re-key information.

Active users
Use cases

Get started with the Vault to add these features to your application:

Guarantee privacy and control with end-to-end data encryption, using unique encryption keys managed by the vault owner.
Request and exchange stored items securely and privately enabled by plain text meta data.
Delegate access to a trusted third party, providing full or read-only access to a trusted individual.
Guard against correlation when data is exchanged, with a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) assigned for each data value.

What’s next?

We offer a fully hosted cloud service for trials and proofs of concept, and easy installation on the public or private cloud of your choice, with implementation support for roll-out.

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