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Enterprise infrastructure for the personal data economy.

Build verified trust into every digital journey.

Empower your customers to share verifiable data and digital assets securely.

Create new value, meet data privacy obligations & mitigate fraud.

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Meeco's Secure Value Exchange platform SVX combines the building blocks of trusted data ecosystems.

Secure Storage

Build personal data spaces that comply with privacy regulation, and where all participants realise the full value of their data.

Our Privacy-by-design approach to secure storage means that only end users and their authorised connections have access to their data.


Use Credentials as an alternative to the over collection of personal data, to mitigate the risk of fraud & exposure to data breaches.

We cover the entire life cycle management of credentials, for issuers, holders and verifiers.


Create a powerful customer channel with a wallet that supports a range of use cases, from decentralised identity to payments, NFTs & carbon tokens.

Our white label wallet can be implemented as a cloud offering or mobile application.

SVX - for technical and non-technical teams.


Integrate a single API that combines over 180 endpoints and 40 resources into your existing service.
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SVX Portal

Our low-code web portal integrates business workflows and lets you manage your network of issuers, verifiers & end users.
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Secure Data Storage

  • End-to-end data encryption, with unique encryption keys managed by the vault owner.
  • Request and exchange stored items securely and privately.
  • Guard against correlation when data is exchanged, with a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) assigned for each data value.
  • Delegate access to a trusted third party.
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Credential Management

Verifiable Credentials

  • Create a VC ecosystem by onboarding Issuers, Verifiers, and Holders.
  • Issue and verify VCs by developing custom credentials and presentation requests.
  • Guarantee authenticity of ecosystem actors via cryptographic proofs.
  • Implement VC workflows built on global standards.
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Decentralised ID, Digital Assets, Web 3

  • A user-friendly interface that can be implemented as both a mobile and cloud wallet application.
  • Create secure connections with Issuers and Verifiers.
  • Securely import and manage digital assets from trusted Issuers via one application.
  • Respond to requests for credentials from trusted Verifiers.
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Business Benefits of SVX

Remove Friction

Remove onboarding friction by enabling customers to bring their data and identity.

New Models

Develop new Web3 business models in collaboration across a range of digital assets.

Enable Trust

Embed data transparency and control across digital channels to embed trust.

Increase Loyalty

Increase loyalty through helping customers protect and utilise their digital assets.

Manage Risk

Manage risk and compliance at the same time as giving customers more control.

Personalise Experiences

Integrate service offerings to provide customers with more personalised experiences based on their data.

Reduce time to market

Workflows support verifiable credential lifecycle management.

Scale quickly

We design in interoperability by building with open standards.

Put security and privacy first

SVX is ISO 27001 accredited. All data is end-to-end encrypted.

Easily integrate our services with extensive developer tools and documentation.

Rapidly develop and test use cases in our developer portal.

Our APIs collection:

  • ATOM: Authorisation, Tenant and Organisation Management – Authorisation-as-a-Service
  • Downloader: downloading and sharing of files stored in the Vault
  • Keystore: Storage for secrets and keys
  • Secure Value Exchange (SVX): exchange API to manage DID Documents and Verifiable Credentials
  • Vault: Storage for encrypted user data

Create vault-to-vault interactions in just 15 mins.

Open Standards

Our active contribution to international standards bodies ensures interoperability and best practice.

View a complete list of the standards bodies we participate in and the standards we align with via the documentation section of our website.

We also actively contribute to the following communities.

  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  • DIF Presentation Exchange
  • OpenID Foundation
  • European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI)
  • Hedera

Secure Value Exchange powers real-world solutions

Pioneering permissioned personal data since 2014

Award winning Secure Value Exchange has been recognised in categories of identity, fintech, regtech, personal data innovation, and life management. Participation in enterprise accelerators has delivered valuable insights and informed the development of tools that address real world business problems.

My Data Operator Award
2023, 2022, 2021, 2020
Fintech Australia Finnies Award
2021, 2020
OWI – Top 100 Influencers in Identity
2019, 2018
Open Banking Hackathon Winner
IDentity Innovation Award
European Identity & Cloud Award

Insights to inform your data, identity & digital asset strategy

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Carbon Markets, Tokenisation and the Enterprise Data Challenge.
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Case Study
Unlocking the power of digital identity and verifiable credentials.
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European Strategy for Data. A Meeco review of the European Strategy for Data Communication from the European Commission.
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Zero Knowledge Proofs of the Modern Digital Life for access, control, delegation and consent of identity and personal data.
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