Personal data, identity, privacy and security components to deploy trusted Web3 applications

Enterprise tools for data, identity & digital asset management.

Secure Data Storage
Securely store any type of data including attributes, documents, verifiable credentials or digital media.
  • All data end-to-end encrypted in transit and rest
  • API support for push (from Enterprise Vault), pull (authenticated services) or customer self-asserted
  • Convert data from on-boarding to any product or service to a Vault to enable customer control and direct collaboration
For all European Union customers, data is hosted in EU and GDPR compliant. Speak to us about data sovereignty in other jurisdictions.

Vault can be embedded in existing applications such as mobile banking apps, web portals or back-up services, with Authentication via an OIDC provider.
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Encryption Key Management
Generate, manage and deploy keys to encrypt and protect data at rest, in transit and when exchanged.
  • Keypair – Public-key cryptography used for secure data exchange
  • Key Encryption Key (KEK) – Key used to encrypt/decrypt data encryption keys and keypairs
  • Data Encryption Key (DEK) – Key used to encrypt/decrypt user data
Data and key architecture designed for non-correlation, with all attributes encrypted with a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).

Provisioning UUIDs provides the foundation for Web3 applications where business rules and value drivers can be aligned to single identifiers.
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P2P Encrypted Connections & Sharing
Enable peer-2-peer connections for trusted data exchange (receiving and sending) between data eco-system participants.
  • Connections include people, organisations or things (IoT devices, wearables)
  • Connections enable data to be modified, updated, deleted and on-shared depending on business rules
  • All connections approved by customer acceptance process to mitigate fraud, spamming and unauthorised marketing
Connections provides the foundation for trusted data exchanges between approved participants.

A separate secure data exchange enclave is generated for all data sharing including unique keys to guard against correlation and aid progressive disclosure.
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Events, Audit & Notifications
Record events for audit purposes or program for notifications. Every user account is unique; therefore, the event ledger is a unique digital twin of all the events approved or requested by the user.
  • The events ledger is an immutable record of actions such as type of event, the subject and time stamp of when it occurred
  • Events can include records for create, update, delete, view, milestones, stop, pause, resume, connect, share and request
  • Events can also record the device in use to aid in fraud management or identity theft
Events can be programmed to trigger notifications, either within the Vault, or trigger notifications in other applications.

Notifications can be used to inform users of pending actions, updates and changes to their data including when a connection is requested or approved.
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Self-Sovereign Identity, Wallet & Agent Services
Multipurpose wallet services for Reusable/Self-Sovereign Identity, Verifiable Credentials, Tokens, Agents and Micro-payments.
  • Reference implementations available for iOS and Android
  • Easy integration with existing standards such as OpenID and W3C
  • Enable uses to manage and exchange their identity and credentials with trusted parties
Implementations can be decentralised and/or cloud, with option to deploy stand-alone wallet/app or embed in existing applications.

Enable ecosystem connections between identity providers and identity verifiers to support seamless digital experiences across banking, telco, government, eCommerce, HR, health and mobility.
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Verifiable Credentials Management
The Credentials service enables the request, issuance, verification and revocation of Verifiable Credentials.
  • Design and deploy Verifiable Credentials including identity credentials
  • On-board trusted Issuers and Verifiers and streamline Request flows
  • Develop ecosystems for trusted participants with broker audit and verification evidence of the exchange
The Credential service provides a simple enterprise dashboard/portal interface for out-of-the-box credential flows.

Use the Credential service to develop a range of new services based on cryptographically proven, tamper-proof data exchanges. Leverage open standards to apply across ecosystems.
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Authorisation Tenant & Organisation Manager
ATOM proves the authorisation and security rights for issuing Verifiable Credentials and deploying Enterprise Vaults.
  • Onboard and authorise tenants to implement their credential security policies
  • Enable authorised tenants to onboard and manage organisations and their users
  • Manage security rights in the context of requests, issuance, verification and revocation to ensure separation of concerns
ATOM provides fine grained control for authorised administrators to manage other authorised actors within a trusted ecosystem.

Embed security, rights management, audit and governance in enterprise Credentials and Vault connections with ecosystem participants including customers.
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Web3 Token Services
Support a wide range of Web3 business applications across loyalty, verification, audit, authentication and micro-payments.
  • Deploy new micro-transaction business models to support billing and payments
  • Integrate Token services such as the Hedera Token Service
  • Support the discovery and visualization of tokens in your ecosystem
Collaborate directly with customers to help them build digital assets from music to art and financial services.

Use tokens to reward, incentivise or help customers offset their carbon emissions. Integrate digital assets such as Tokens, programmable money and NFTs across new Web3 applications.
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Developer Tools & Documentation
The Developer Tools are designed by developers for developers to help rapidly build use-cases and personal data and identity solutions.
  • APIs & end points support an extensive range of uses cases, supported by Cryppo Encryption Library
  • Sandbox for testing, exploring and validating use cases supported by SDK
  • Documentation to provide guidance through the development cycle
Use the Command Line Interface (CLI) to explore our APIs and fast integrations with Vault-to-Vault connections in 15 minutes.

From building a prototype in as little as half a day, through to developing a personal data ecosystem architecture, Meeco’s Devtools and documentation are valuable resources.

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“The hallmark of future proof organisations will be the willingness to share the data it collects about its customers directly with its customers for mutual value”
– Katryna Dow, Founder & CEO Meeco

Develop Trusted Personal Identity & Data Ecosystems

Put your customers at the centre of new decentralised networks. Help customers connect with your trusted enterprise partners and create new value through verifiable credentials and digital assets.

Build Personal Identity and Data ecosystems with your B2B partners by deploying Verifiable Credentials and tokenised data.

Start with as little as eight partners (including your customer) to generate twenty credentials that unlock over eighty use cases.
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