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Integration and Deployment Options


Across the world regulators, governments and corporate entities are focused on data sovereignty and data protection. It’s increasingly clear that while people and organisations function in a global context, especially online, the data associated with their transactions is subject to the legislation and guidelines of specific jurisdictions.

As a direct corollary, services that enable the management of personal and commercially sensitive information must operate entirely within the relevant legislation.

Meeco's Approach

With the goal of giving our enterprise partners complete control over the services they operate, Meeco's Secure Value Exchange (SVX) can be deployed in the environment of choice. We offer an Azure hosted service for proofs of concept and demonstrations, and provide comprehensive support for deployments in Azure, AWS, and Alibaba Cloud customer hosted environments. It is also possible to deploy SVX OnPrem.

Also, in the spirit of enabling our partners to get up and running as quickly as possible, in addition to the SVX API which can be integrated into an existing technology stack, we've developed the SVX Portal which integrates business workflows and means that no prior technical knowledge or coding is required to get up and running. The SVX Portal has been designed with facilities management, HR professionals, business banking, insurance and fraud management teams in mind.

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