Issuing Professional Health Development Credentials - A successful VELA Solutions Pilot, powered by Meeco

August 4, 2022
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A recent Forbes article made a compelling case that "digital credentials are aiming to be the skills currency of today’s employer environment". The article explores the fact that paper credentials are hard to share and hard to verify in this digital age and makes a strong case for digital credentials.

It's a sentiment that is strongly supported by Meeco and one which was proven in a recent Proof of Concept (PoC) with our partner, VELA Solutions¹ and a leading organisation for digital health.

The PoC issued Verifiable Credentials (VCs) to attendees at an industry event, using the Meeco Wallet. As well as enabling event access, the VCs provided a record of attendance which counts towards health workers’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

VELA Solutions specialises in verified workplace credentials, which combine internally and externally issued credentials to handle corporate compliance, access control, and asset management for both employees and external contractors. These credentials are linked to corporate governance standards and are integrated with existing enterprise systems.

Workforce credentials provide a convenient and secure way of ensuring employees and contractors’ credentials are authentic and current. Using VCs helps increase security and privacy while allowing people and businesses to have more control over their online data and interactions.

If you are interested in learning more about Verifiable Credentials and how they recently became a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendation, click here.

Pilot Concept and Execution

The PoC made use of Meeco’s Verifiable Credential System, a brokerage service that supports the request, issuance, verification, and revocation of VCs. It enables all parties in a trusted ecosystem to easily exchange and verify information in a private and secure way.  

Participants used the Meeco Wallet app to scan a QR code at the conference which resulted in the issuance of a verifiable attendee credential. The credential was formally issued by the Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA), a unique credentialing program for health informatics and counts towards Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  

For each credential issued, a record was created on Hedera.

Are you curious about how you can use verified workforce credentials to simplify your workforce compliance and management processes? Reach out and we will help you make it a reality


¹ Vela Solutions can now be discovered via Vela Digital.

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