Everything Will Be Tokenised: The Future of Identity

May 4, 2021
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We're on track towards a world where everything that can be, will be tokenized.

Tokenization could play a critical part in enabling more equitable value creation for people, organisations and things. Providing the means to issue and store value, trace provenance, and most importantly achieve consensus to instantly trust.

However, in order for this tokenized world to emerge, we first need the infrastructure for people and their digital twins to participate. This will include a trusted digital identity and the means to be verified, present credentials and transact.

With the rise of Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) and crypto markets at an all time high, this world of tomorrow is very much becoming part of our everyday. In March 2021, John Glen, treasury minister said the UK would focus on regulating stablecoins as a first priority given the possible threat to competition.

In April 2021, the U.K. Treasury and Bank of England announced the launch of a joint taskforce to explore the potential for a central bank digital currency. This is in line with other central banks developing strategies whilst China is charging forward, having already carried out a number of tests with its digital yuan.

Then to Australia, where eftpos recently announced joining the Hedera Governing Council after successfully conducting tests to determine the feasibility of a digital Australian dollar stablecoin for micropayments. eftpos has been Australia’s go-to payment system since 1984, processing over 2 billion debit card transactions in 2020 worth an average of more than $300 million each day. The stablecoin project was led by Robert Allen, eftpos' entrepreneur in residence, and shares more about this exciting project with Zenobia Godschalk, SVP of Corporate Communications for Hedera Hashgraph.

Since 2012, Meeco has been pioneering the access, protection and value exchange of personal data and identity. Over the past year, Meeco has been working towards making much of this new world possible with the development of a multi-purpose wallet to enable decentralised identity, verifiable credentials, micropayments and tokens.

Katryna Dow, our CEO & Founder, will be a guest speaker at this FS Club webinar and will feature some of the use-cases,  practical steps and challenges along the way to developing these technologies. Topics will include decentralised identity, tokenomics, micropayments, governance, recovery, treasury, progressive disclosure and consent.

Also speaking is Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman of Z/Yen Group and The Financial Services Club. Michael holds many prestigious positions in academia and is an award winning author of four books and dozens of papers. Michael has worked in the public sector on privatizations and strategy; in the private sector in a variety of industries (banking, insurance, manufacturing, media, retail, utilities, television, distribution, IT) on problems ranging from strategy through information systems, quality, human resources, environmental systems and R&D; and in the voluntary sector on a number of assignments to improve performance.

You can join the free webinar on Wednesday, 12 May 2021 from 11:00 – 11:45 BST.

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